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Experience Italy with your very own sommelier, Carmelo Messina!

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Discover Italy Through Wine's Essence

A taste of the Italian lifestyle awaits you on Italy’s Best Wine Tours. Explore the communal heart and dive into the local soul of Italy with a native insider who has over 20 years of experience in the restaurant, food, and wine business.

What's included

Escape the tourist traps with Italy's Best Wine Tours, guiding you through mesmerizing landscapes and authentic experiences.

business class
Round-trip flight from the US to Catania with top airlines, ensuring you're well-rested before your journey.
All ground transportation
All ground transportation, including airport transfers, is provided with a personal chauffeur for seamless travel.
You'll luxuriate in historic residences and 4-to -5-star hotels Throughput your odyssey.
Wine Tasting
explore the unique charm of wineries dating back 2000 years, offering a captivating journey though the history of winemaking.
discover iconic landmarks, ancient cellars, and vibrant open-air markets. all included in your unforgettable journey.
Meal and cooking classes
unlock the secrets of sicilian Cuisine and delve into the world of winemaking with expert gurus.

The 7-day tour package, including
a business class ticket, starts at $7990*.

Three flight options are available: First Class, Business Class, and Premium Economy.
*Please note that flight costs may vary depending on the dates selected.

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"My passion for wine and my knowledge of the hidden gems of Italy are what I want to share with you.”

Sicily's hidden gems

Discover the Island's Diversity: Dive into its landscapes, from coastlines to mountains, and uncover the island’s multitude of hidden treasures.

Winery's experience

Explore Premier Sicilian Wineries: Enjoy exclusive access, private tastings, and learn secrets of the finest wines from industry experts.

Historical sites

Experience Sicily's Heritage: Journey through time as you explore Sicily's iconic landmarks and monuments, each a testament to the island's captivating history and enduring allure.

Gastro experience

Enjoy Sicilian Culinary Journeys: Immerse yourself in the island’s food scene, from bustling markets to Michelin-starred dining, and taste Sicily’s vibrant flavors and culinary creativity.

Stories from Our Sicilian Explorers

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